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Vlad the Inhaler

As a ‘hupyre’ (half human and half vampire) Vlad isn’t welcome on either side. He’s eleven, asthmatic, vegetarian, scared of the dark and can’t turn into a bat, but those problems he can cope with. The evil relatives who have invaded and taken over his castle are another matter altogether. With a heart bursting with courage and determination, Vlad faces perilous adventure to save the inhabitants of Malign Village.

Wonderful characters

Great read for anyone who loves Harry potter like books! Wonderful characters you’ll fall in love with!

5 stars

I loved this book because it was so amazing and descriptive, I didn’t want to stop reading and kept reading way past my bedtime as was enjoying the book so much. I am really looking forward to the next one and rate this one 5 stars.

Vlad is so funny

Logan’s thoughts … I loved this book! Vlad is really funny, how can you be a vampire if you don’t like eating meat? Doesn’t he even eat bacon sandwiches?

My son enjoyed this so much

My son enjoyed the kindle version of this book so much that I bought a copy of the paperback for his school.

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