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Previously published as Children in Chains

Rock-a-bye Baby (#2)


In the early hours of the morning, Detective Inspector Paolo Sterling receives a tip-off about a group of children being trafficked on to the streets of Bradchester as sex workers.

Hoping he is one step closer to bringing down a notorious syndicate of twisted criminals, it soon becomes clear that Paolo and his team have been misled and that the gang have once again evaded arrest.

Then a young girl is found dead in a shop doorway and, with all signs pointing towards the investigation, it quickly gathers momentum.

As DI Sterling delves deeper into the darkest corners of society, he begins to unravel the most unimaginable crimes but with the shadowy leader always one step ahead, Paolo must work harder than ever before to bring the culprits to justice – before another child’s life is taken.

Highly recommended

Great read from this author. Gripping tale, good characters. Highly recommended.

Right down to the nitty gritty

This is the second in the D.I. Sterling series, written by the brilliant Lorraine Mace. Her books lure you in from the first page and get right down to the nitty gritty from the start. They are not for the faint hearted, certainly not cosy reading, but well written for anyone who enjoys a good crime novel.

Brilliantly written

Brilliantly written and fast paced, loved this book. I’m hooked on this fantastic author!

Compelling crime novel

This is a well conceived and compelling crime novel that deals sympathetically with an unsympathetic investigation. I liked the honesty and authenticity at the heart of this book, helped greatly by a new kind of lead detective who carries with him an air of being a true gentleman.

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